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ASUS P8Z77-V Pro LGA1155 Z77 DDR3 SLI 3PCI-E16 2PCI-E1 2PCI SATA3 DisplayPort USB3.0 Motherboard

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ASUS P8Z77-V Pro LGA1155 Z77 DDR3 SLI 3PCI-E16 2PCI-E1 2PCI SATA3 DisplayPort USB3.0 Motherboard
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ASUS P8Z77-V Pro LGA1155 Z77 DDR3 SLI 3PCI-E16 2PCI-E1 2PCI SATA3 DisplayPort USB3.0 Motherboard
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   Shipping Weight:   3.6 lbs
   Part #: P8Z77-V Pro
Subject: Triple Monitor Capable?
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Supacon May 05, 2012 05:20 PM Reply | Bookmark
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I happen to have a four display setup at my desk - A big 30" monitor (requiring displayport or Dual-Link DVI) and two 20" monitors, along with a TV mounted on the wall above.

I use the TV with a VGA connection (because for this TV it sadly looks much better with VGA than HDMI), but I don't usually use it along with the other three monitors simultaneously.

I am wondering if this motherboard along with the integrated Ivy Bridge graphics can drive three of these monitors at a time, and allow me to switch between the TV or the other three monitors. I can do this now with my Radeon 6950, obviously, but I'm not much of a gamer and would probably be satisfied with onboard graphics for 99% of what I do.

Anyways, I'm just curious if this can be done. I've heard that Intel's new platform does support triple displays, but I am not sure if all motherboards support this.

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AmtrakQuebec May 05, 2012 05:31 PM Reply | Bookmark
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Whether it can or not is irrelevant in my opinion. Should you do it is more important I think, and my answer would be a solid no. I have almost the exact same monitor setup as you and when you are dealing with that many pixels you want a dedicated card like your Radeon, even if you aren't gaming.

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Dexter_Morgan May 05, 2012 10:11 PM Reply | Bookmark
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Yes, the new Z77 chipsets when equipped with the ivy bridge processor can run 3 independent displays. The Intel HD 4000 graphics that is. So you'll need an i5-3570 , i7-3770.

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